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  • Toimitusjohtaja
    Walter Seib
    kannattaa toimitusjohtajan Walter Seib toimintaa
  • Perustamisvuosi
  • Yrityksen koko
    5001-10 000
  • Tulot
    80 milj. – 400 milj. (EUR)
  • Toimiala
    Ravintola- ja ruokapalvelut
  • Päämaja
    6905 Rockledge Drive Beth...
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HMSHost is part of Autogrill S.p.A. – the world’s largest provider of food and beverage services for travelers. Along with the rest of the Autogrill Group, we are recognized industry leaders who create innovative dining locations at airports and on motorways worldwide. With 37,000 associates and revenues of more than $2.8 billion, we use our experience and global reach to offer travelers an unparalleled blend of local, regional and international brands.

Today, airports do more than launch airplanes. They launch trends in the consumer experience. As airport dwell times have increased, so have consumers’ needs to make the best use of their time in the terminal. At more than 100 airports worldwide including Europe and Asia Pacific, HMSHost brings travelers exciting food and beverage experiences they’ve never had before.

We also offer a welcome respite along the motorways, at 99 Turnpike travel plaza stops in North America. With national and local restaurant brands in state-of-the-art facilities, we serve motorists and families driving on U.S. toll roads from Maine to West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Illinois, and in Canada from Windsor to Cornwall. An exciting example is the Delaware Welcome Center — a striking, 42,000 square foot facility that incorporates many elements of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards in design and construction, and sets a standard of its own in highway hospitality.

We invite you to tour our site and take a look at how we stay at the top of the game in delivering exceptional dining venues around the globe.

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Assistant Store Manager, Finland
20. huhtikuutata 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed working with HMSHost. I learned valuable technical, managerial and people skills. More you work hard more rewards you will receive in this company

Crew Member, Helsinki, Finland
9. lokakuutata 2019
Horrible Managerial Team

The system is pretty unfairly competitive where I was working (at Pier Zero Restaurant - Helsinki Airport). The manager and many supervisor were very power-thirsty and abusive to the regular employees - a clear hierarchical line was drawn between the people with higher position and ordinary staffs. But on the brighter side, we had a vibrant and supportive team of young individuals who loved to bring the best services to our customers, many memorial moments were made when I worked there with my colleagues; and of course, except the insane managerial team with whom we could barely ever get along.

Worker, Vantaa
2. toukokuutata 2019
Best to worst

Coworkers are amazing and work environment is good. Super busy and terrible salary. The bosses care about the numbers more than their workers. Would not recommend ever working here.

Sales Representative, Helsinki
22. tammikuutata 2017
Best place i have worked in so far.

Everyday was always different. Coworkers asked me how I'm doing and pretty much they were always happy. Main language was english between the workers, because they all were from different countries, and i think that is what brought us all so close together.

Kitchen Hand/Waitress, Helsinki
20. lokakuutata 2016
Fun workplace

I really enjoyed our team at HMSHost.

I got lifetime friends from there.

Our store manager was one of the bests!

I became better at hospitality and confronting difficul customers.

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