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Indeedin suosittelema

Indeedin suosittelema arvostelu
I thoroughly enjoyed working with HMSHost. I learned valuable technical, managerial and people skills. More you work hard more rewards you will receive in this company
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Horrible Managerial Team

The system is pretty unfairly competitive where I was working (at Pier Zero Restaurant - Helsinki Airport). The manager and many supervisor were very power-thirsty and abusive to the regular employees - a clear hierarchical line was drawn between the people with higher position and ordinary staffs. But on the brighter side, we had a vibrant and supportive team of young individuals who loved to bring the best services to our customers, many memorial moments were made when I worked there with my colleagues; and of course, except the insane managerial team with whom we could barely ever get along.


Good employees benefits

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Intolerable managerial system
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Best to worst

Coworkers are amazing and work environment is good. Super busy and terrible salary. The bosses care about the numbers more than their workers. Would not recommend ever working here.


Coworkers, sunday payments

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Salary, bosses, bad hours
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Best place i have worked in so far.

Everyday was always different. Coworkers asked me how I'm doing and pretty much they were always happy. Main language was english between the workers, because they all were from different countries, and i think that is what brought us all so close together.


Free fitness classes

Huonot puolet

Hard work compared to the small salary.
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Fun workplace

I really enjoyed our team at HMSHost. I got lifetime friends from there. Our store manager was one of the bests! I became better at hospitality and confronting difficul customers.


Free lunch, coffee.

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Not always enough time to have lunch. Too busy.
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Jaa kokemuksesi ja auta muita

Very productive environment

I was working as a cashier and acting manager when he was away. I learnt here a lot of new things. I was also cooking food.I learnt the basics of Mexican kitchen.
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A nice environment to work

A nice work place where i did learn a lot of things about managing warehouses in restaurant business.The company was multi-national so we had multi-cultural team where i got different experiences from different people that helped me to understand new things in business.It was also nice to work in airport where a person can learn new things every other day .My colleagues and i created lots of nice work together and brought lots of new ideas about how to manage restaurant stocks and to manage restaurant itself .


Short shifts

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Early wake ups
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