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Orano – urat ja työsuhteet

Tietoja yrityksestä

  • Toimitusjohtaja
    Philippe KNOCHE
  • Perustamisvuosi
  • Yrityksen koko
    yli 10 000
  • Tulot
    $1B - $5B (USD)
  • Toimiala
    Energia-ala, kaivostoiminta ja julkiset palvelut


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Documentation Officer, Eurajoki
17. maaliskuutata 2017
My first day at work
I arrived early in the morning at the workplace together with another new comer. The office was quite warm as it was cold January winter day. Our new co-workers welcomed us with smiley faces. Our team leader and boss was not at the office. Therefore, they assigned one of the co-workers to introduce us the system of work. The work environment was quite multi-cultural one. After a short induction hour we started practising with our tutor some computer software, which were necessary for the work. The canteen was bit far away from the office and we had to walk about ten minutes to get it, which I didn't like it, because our lunch period was only half-an-hour. What I liked most was the environment of work, which was a very multi-cultural and welcoming one.
HSE Officer, Rauma
2. joulukuutata 2016
Considered the Safest Construction Site 2015/2016 (Europe)
Safety culture is taken very seriously. Good cooperation within teams of different disciplines. Cultural barriers/ language barriers sometimes give a hard time , the same in any international construction site...
Responsable qualité inspection, finlande OL3
19. marraskuutata 2015
leader nucléaire incontestable
AREVA conserve sa suprématie technologique, tant sur les activités de maintenance, que de la conception à l'installation du circuit primaire.
Mechanical System Leader, Olkiluoto, Finland
31. lokakuutata 2012
Overall a very difficult place to work
AREVA overall is undergoing a lot of political changes and for this reason it is a very disorganized company.
Methods & Project Engineer, Olkiluoto, F18
11. syyskuutata 2012
Work on construction site
Very demanding and challenging. A day at work is full of surprises, start by document review and end up ordering many new material. Nevertheless is fun and very dynamic.

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