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Great place to work

Indeedin suosittelema

Indeedin suosittelema arvostelu
I am so happy that I joined this company. When I started I was given a mentor who has been great. She has really guided me and taught me how Ramboll works. The people were very welcoming, and made me feel comfortable. The whole process has been great and I am learning a lot.
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Excellent place to work.Balanced family and work life.As company based on Denmark , have high moral values. Good for three to six years of experience candidates.
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Very nice working with ramboll imi softI really work further with Ramboll imi soft pvt. Ltd. There is a lot of learning & Money with that company. Best of luck



Huonot puolet

Long hours
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Challenging and rewarding, but little work-life balance

Work is challenging and goals are clearly set. In consulting, workload can vary heavily. Ramboll does a good job of evening out the workload; if you are light on work, there is always work to be found. Unfortunately, work-life balance can swing towards the negative in busier months.
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Good Culture and Clear Path for Advancement

I've really enjoyed my time at Ramboll. I've felt supported the entire time I've been here. As with every job there are certain personality types you have to learn to navigate, but the vast majority of people here are very intelligent, supportive, and driven.
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Jaa kokemuksesi ja auta muita

Nice work place

I feel Ramboll shall go with the market situation and grab the jobs. Sticking to the profit margin is not going to help the Company in competitive market.
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Too much politics and groupism!

Other than the constant pressure of trying to be someone that you are not and to be part of a group forcefully so that you won’t lose your job because of favoritism between other employees, everything else is fine. Constant pressure to be someone that you are not - to fit in, so you won’t lose your job.


Free snacks and lunches

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Long very long hours
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Masse jobb, stressende arbeidsdager og ikke noe lojalitet

Med en gang faktureringsgrden din går ned, så er du ikke vært noe, selv om du kan være verdensmester og presterer bra på prosjektene. Slik opplevde jeg rambøll


Bra lunsj, hyggelige folk i andre avdelinger untatt oil and gas

Huonot puolet

Det meste føltes som dårlig for min del, det kommer an på hver enkel individuell.
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in my overall experience .Ramboll is the best place to work.

in my overall experience .Ramboll is the best place to work. here u can balance your work life and your family life. Management also very helpful and i must say for women staff no any other company like Ramboll.ramboll gives chance to secondment in other countries, Ramboll gave me opportunity to my project site visit in finland.
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work culture is good

couldn't progress much career-wise. you will be happy anyway because of work-life balance. cad technicians cant learn much. even though they are experienced in design.


work life balance

Huonot puolet

same job repeating, couldn't learn more
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Good for your career

Overall excellent place to work. I had a couple negative experiences but those were limited to my office and my relationships. Overall Ramboll is a strong progressive company who cares about your success, and making the world a better place. If you're considering bringing your science or engineering career here, I say do your own research on the company and make your own decision on if it's for you, but I did enjoy it.


Fun intelligent colleagues and leaders

Huonot puolet

Slow advancement, and it's consulting. Consulting is its own beast.
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Fun place to work and a great atmosphere to grow and learn more

It has been a great experience for me to work with Ramboll. This company has helped me with growth in my knowledge. I am sure i am much better today because of the company.


Flexibility, Friendly atmosphere, Good work culture
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Excellent Organization

The company is very much starving to make its employees satisfy. They say it's peoples company and they mean it always. You are free to reach any level of the management for your needs.
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Produktiv och rolig arbetsmiljö

Arbetsdagen är 8 timmar med lunchpaus och 2 fikapaus. På Ramboll har jag lärt mig mycket inom programkalkylering för alla byggnationstyper inklusive infrastruktur och de arbetsprocesserna från projektering till dess utförande. Jag har varit uppdragsledare på många olika kalkylprojekter med olika komplexitet och jag har deltagit på möten med kunder och projektörer. Ramboll är ett dansk företag organiserad på multinationella avdelningar och lokala och regionala strukturer. Fungeringsprincipen är samarbeten, horisontellt och vertikalt. Det finns inte svåra delar av jobbet. Autodisciplinen överskrider vilken som helst tillfällig svårighet. Jag gillade alla aktiviteter och jag har lärt mig av var och en av dem.
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Relaxed and collaborative

Relaxed and collaborative, however often feels not connected to the organization if you are based on the project. Not much support for career development.
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Friendly, supportive organisation

A great company, full of young highly skilled engineering professionals. It's a quiet office environment which you would expect (it's not full of creatives). Talks the talk about innovation and operational excellence but doesn't necessarily walk the walk, which is frustrating. It's a Danish owned company which is fine, but it means many of the key decisions are taken there, according to their preferences and priorities, particularly so in marketing.
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Productive and fun to work here

During my tenure, I have gained extensive knowledge and experience in handling individual clients, international assignments across the globe, ability to work with global leaders, internal stakeholders across all business units. Also, I have been working closely with external vendors who help in tax, immigration and relocation support independently. Ramboll helps every employee to maintain work life balance. Work culture is manageable and flexible. Management are easily approachable. We have in-house table tennis to over come any work stress or enjoy after work.
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Collaborative and challenging

Collaborative environment with strong professional development program. Opportunities to advance career in multiple services areas and various geographic locations.
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Productive and fun place to work

It is the best place to work. Everone is very understanding and helpful towards each other. Even long hours are okay because of the good workplace culture and ethic


A lot of Perks and social events

Huonot puolet

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Stor, velorganiseret og godt socialt

Et stort firma, med mange muligheder. Stor forståelse fra ledelsen Der skal arbejdes, men tid til hygge.


Mange muligheder for at udvikle sig
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Good workplace

Good workplace for anyone who starts career and for experienced also. Team is great to work. Only problem there is salary, compared to market it is less. Otherwise one of the best company to work.
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