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Fun workplace

Preparing and baking bread and vegetables, making sandwiches for customers and working at the cashier. I had great co-workers who made sometimes very busy and stressful days much better and fun. I enjoyed customer service and learned a lot in accounting and day closing reporting


Free meal on duty

Huonot puolet

Sometimes very busy workdays

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Productive and fun workplace

It was quick paced but the management and team worked well together. We divided the workload evenly amonst the staff to enable faster and better customer service.
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Problem-solving and Employee Management

Working at Subway made me to work under strict conditions. Restaurant has to fulfill procedures of both Subway upper management and Finnish Food Authorities. All this made me enable of doing work under pressure of time and rules. Job was very hard till I learn how to work smart instead of running here and there. I mostly did closings so it was my responsibility to make sure that all the sales are properly entered and managed. Apart from this, I was also concerned in preparing enough quantity of food products which can be served to customers. Also, on the basis of sales history, it was equally important not to prepare extra food which could result in food wastage and increasing food costs.


Discounted Healthy Food
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a good place to start work life

Subway was open from 7:30am to 11pm, on Friday´s and Saturday´s it was open until 5am. I learned lots of new things of myself and I was happy to making my own money. I got many new friends who will be in my life forever. I noticed that I belong to work with people, I love the good and bad feedbacks from the customers. The hardest part of the job was working on nights. But good friends made those nights better.
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