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  • 5,0
    Great Mission Statement and a Brilliant Team
    The two years I spent working for Yousician were the two most positive, productive and fulfilling work years of my life. I ultimately left the company to move closer to my family; otherwise, I would have stayed forever. Yousician cares about its m...
    Lead Content Strategist (Entinen työntekijä)
    Helsinki, Finland - 27. helmikuutata 2019
  • 5,0
    Absolutely Amazing Company
    The founders and managers are the best I've ever worked with. The company culture is fantastic. Everyone is passionate about what they do and looks forward to coming to work each day. The work is creative, engaging, measurable and has an impact on...
    Music Education Designer (Nykyinen työntekijä)
    Helsinki - 21. syyskuutata 2016