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Jyväskylän Yliopisto
  • The candidate will also work with filaments containing 239Pu, exploiting them as alpha-recoil sources in order to produce and explore the actinide isomer of…
Siemens AG
  • Werner can work either fulltime or part-time.
  • What kind of work assignments are included to this trainee?
  • We are searching for a Werner who is in the middle…
Framery Oy
  • Please also leave a transcript of your academic records as an additional appendix.
  • As a team we are very passionate towards our work and have fun doing it.
Oy 4Pharma Ltd
  • 4Pharma employees offer a unique blend of industry experience, service provider flexibility and the academic excellence of truly data driven mindsets.
  • Degree certificates and academic transcripts.
  • Contact details of at least two academic advisors (or letters of recommendation, if already available).
  •  Ensure & educate the team to work in a compliant way according Sanofi Ethical Code and legal frameworks.
  • Join Sanofi’s Primary Care unit as a Sales Manager…
Helsingin yliopiston
  • Good English language skills (oral and academic) are required.
  • The project includes work with male sexual organs, and frozen and fresh semen samples of canine…
  • We work hard but have fun while doing it, nothing is more rewarding than seeing the high quality of our work at the end.
  • Let’s write the future, together.
  • You should have good communication skills and ability to work independently towards the goals of the project.
  • Closing date 23 Feb 2020.
  • The work starts with a six-month trial period.
  • The work will start on April 1, 2020, or as agreed with the employer.