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AI Scientist - Machine Learning - job post

Silo AI



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Silo AI is the leading AI service company in the Nordics. We've grown fast and are currently a team of 230+ tech and business professionals globally. We work together with our clients to create the next step of AI for their needs. At Silo AI engineers and scientists collaborate closely to tackle challenging real-world problems. The core competence of Silo AI relies on deep academic expertise in various fields of AI, covering machine learning, natural-language processing, computer vision among others. AI Scientists are expected to build innovative AI solutions that together with engineers and system developers can be deployed as real-time solutions to provide customer value.

What will you be doing

As an AI Scientist in Machine Learning, you'll work in a top tier team of AI experts, solving real-life cases using the latest Machine Learning techniques. You'll closely collaborate with an engineering team to bring models into toolkits, and business developers to impress the client. You may choose to work from our offices, whichever suits you best.

Get to know your future colleagues AI Scientist Emil & AI Scientist Luiza.

AI Scientists are expected to have strong publications or projects showing clear evidence of high-quality research and innovation in fields directly related to AI and proven experience and ability to implement high-performance AI solutions:

  • Analyze data to discover patterns, find opportunities, and develop and apply innovative algorithms.
  • Validate new or improved models via statistically relevant experiments.
  • Work closely with AI engineers to build scalable prototypes for testing, and integrate successful models and algorithms in production systems.
  • Support in identifying opportunities in creating customer value with AI.
  • Advance exploratory research projects in machine learning and related fields to create highly innovative customer experiences.

Read more about our projects with Finnair in flight delay prediction, with Ramboll in water quality predictions and with Awake.AI in developing smart ports and smart vessels.

Our culture

What we believe in at Silo

  • Build Bonds - Trust is our bond. We connect with customers and always seek to understand how we can best help them, and make sure that we keep what we promise. We encourage a culture where successes are celebrated, learnings shared and support provided for our team members to succeed.
  • Keep Learning - Grow to excel. We aim for excellence by learning from the market, sharing our competence, and attracting talent with a growth mindset. We believe that expertise is not an achievement - it's a lifestyle of curiosity, learning, sharing and working with people who share the same hunger.
  • Ask Why - Know your why. We have the courage and agility to keep challenging what we're doing to assure value creation for customers. We encourage open dialogue and debate and strive for diversity in opinions to improve decision making.
  • Be Good - Positive impact. We always strive to be transparent and open in our communications, take ownership and aim for positive impact and results in all we do. We take pride in creating an equal and supportive workplace for talented and ambitious professionals from all nationalities, genders, orientations and backgrounds.
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